Giant Pig with Munchies Goes Missing, Lured Home with Doritos

She only wanted one thing...Doritos.

A giant pig, which has been described as the same size of a small horse, went on the loose in San Bernardino County, California, on Saturday. She apparently went missing because she had a case of the munchies and was on the hunt for some food.

Although the LAPD were called to deal with the pig, she was completely innocent. As she walked ever so casually through the streets, she only had one thing on her mind – Doritos. It seems like the police officers, Ponce and Berg were able to read minds, as they pulled out a bag of the crunchy chip and began to lure the pig back home.

We can’t begin to imagine how strange this police call must have been. Imagine working your shift, waiting to see what kinds of crime awaits you that evening, and suddenly you get a phone call for a giant pig with munchies that wants some Doritos…

Hm, that description does sound a bit like me last night and I do enjoy one, maybe ten bags of Doritos now and again…

You have to give credit to the pig, though. She knew what she wanted, and she knew how to get it. It’s not often that people would go to such lengths for a packet of Doritos, but determination is a crazy thing and she sure had a lot of it.

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