New York Times Releases Cartoon Op-Ed Showing Trump as Tiny; Putin’s Lover

Bill Plympton comes to the New York Times opinion page with three satirical shorts that lampoon the president's germaphobia, relationship with Putin, and weird real estate agent's attitude towards the presidency.


The New York Times, in the spirit of fairness of course, did away with words for a moment or two in the opinion page to give us the opinion that really matters: the things Trump says are weird and scary, so here he there are as a cartoon.

Bill Plympton, the legendary indie animator, has just gotten a little more mainstream when the old gray lady (do we still call The New York Times this?) published three animated shorts from the man, all using “real audio”. Check them out. One short showcases Donald Trump’s unhealthy relationship with Russia and the other showcases just– Trump talking about a guy crying after he enters their office. Then there’s a third one where the guy talks about his germophobia, which is… well, it’s stressful to talk about him, but it’s nice to just talk about not fascism for a moment, right?

Trump and Putin: A Love Story

What if Donald J. Trump and Vladimir Putin went on a date? Oscar-nominated animator Bill Plympton imagines the scene in Part 2 of "Trump Bites."

Posted by The New York Times Opinion Section on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Here’s the first one. Although the whole gag of “Trump and Putin are lovers” reeks of more than a little gay panic, Bill Plympton plays it up kind of nicely just by doing what no one else has done before with the joke — making both subjects of it absolutely handsome. So that’s kind of nice and fun. Leave it to Plympton to take a tired joke and make it glorious.

Crying in Trump’s Big, Fat, Oval Office

“It’s the bigness of the office. It’s the bigness of the transactions. It’s the bigness of the deals. Big people from big companies.” In episode 1 of our new cartoon series, "Trump Bites," Bill Plympton zeroes in on Trump's excessive boasting.

Posted by The New York Times Opinion Section on Monday, June 25, 2018

The second short is a quote from Trump I don’t know that a lot of people have heard before. It basically involves him talking about the White House as if it was some gaudy Trump hotel, and a weird anecdote involving a “tough guy” coming in and crying when he witnessed it. Plympton emphasizes the weirdness of having Trump in the White House to begin with by drawing him tiny as hell, and trying to golf on top of his desk. It’s a nice short.

Donald Trump’s Worst Nightmare

Does Donald J. Trump fear foreigners invading America like he fears germs contaminating his body? Watch Episode 3 of "Trump Bites."

Posted by The New York Times Opinion Section on Wednesday, June 27, 2018

And that was him worried about germs and handshakes! Fun! Drawing the germs as immigrants certainly helps set one of the more satirical and biting armchair psychiatric portraits of Trump that we’ve seen. Cartoons are great.

We’d be remiss of course, if we did not mention the influence of Robert Smigel’s “Fun With Real Audio” series from way back when that he did on Saturday Night Live as part of TV Funhouse such as a short involving George W. Bush dressing up in a variety of costumes depending on where he’s giving the speech. Ah, the Bush era. Back when our awful American presidents were only Incredibly Awful instead of ‘Are We Becoming A Nazi Country’ awful.

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