VIDEO: Cat Crawls on Polish Historian’s Head on Live TV

Newscast disrupting cat has logged on.

Cats, not unlike sauntering children, have no care for the intricacies of local complex foreign relations. They just care about three things 1.) eating wet food 2.) taking naps 3.) reacting unpredictably to getting their little tummies pet. Such was the case when, like those kids who marched into the home office of a man talking about North Korea with the BBC last year, Lisio the cat crawled onto the head of Dr. Jerzy Targalski as he was speaking out against Communism in Poland on a local Dutch television broadcast.

Now, discussions about Communism are divisive as hell, as is the crackdown on judge’s retirement ages in Poland seen as the government’s attempt to destroy the existing Polish supreme court. The act has brought the people Poland into the streets in protest. It’s a bleak issue that is an example of the government’s attempt to tighten their control over the people and has been decried by the European Union. It is an example of the Polish government going against the will of the people.

But you know what’s hasn’t been decried by the European Union? How funny a cat looks on a man’s head as he’s discussing something that serious! Ha ha! Lick, kitty, lick! Yes!

Man, I hope everyone in Poland is going to be okay. That judge stuff sounds harsh. Thank you Lisio for bringing attention to what seems like a serious issue. There will be wet food and naps for you in due time.

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