VIDEO: Cat’s Mind Blown By Existence of Snake

You know that Disney song "Everybody Wants to be a Cat" from The Aristrocats? Well how about, "no one wants to look at a snake?" Got 'em!

You know that Disney song “Everybody Wants to be a Cat” from The Aristrocats? Well how about, “no one wants to look at a snake?” Got ’em! An amazing video of a cat in Canada show it absolutely shocked as it gawks at a snake and folks… you’re going to love it.

YouTube has been overstuffed with videos of cats freaking out when they see cucumbers. They’re terrified because they think they’re snakes, you see. It’s very funny. It’s what got Rick Sanchez knocked into the sun as Pickle Rick in Rick and Morty. So there is one awful subset of fans who probably knows this fact by heart. But what happens when a cat actually sees a snake out there in the real world? Well, as this incredible video shows, that cat will be absolutely shocked.

The cat, named TJ, was shocked to discover this animal at the vet. However, rather than swat at it with its little paws, as the cats in the YouTube videos, when confronted by the foreign terrors of a cucumber often do, TJ just gawks at it in utter fear. According to the cat’s owner “TJ is a very happy friendly cat, but he had no idea what to think of the snake.”

This is actually sort of the correct reaction. For the cat, seeing this living thing with no limbs and an absolute focus in this foreign environment would be like if one of us was dropped into Middle Earth and saw one of the Ents. We wouldn’t know what to think of this massive tree being with a beard also carved from trees. We don’t think these things are real! As opposed to if we saw a rhino we would just go “oh that’s very cool. I have read about this in at least two or more books”. However, this cat has just been faced with the horrific visage of a dreadful and deadly serpent.

And folks. It cannot deal.

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