VIDEO: Local News Interview With “Mr. Wacky” Is the Cringiest Thing Ever

The first minute, where the reporter just tries to get people to discuss inflation, is enough to give your face new cringing wrinkles.

A San Diego reporter, while trying to interview an inflatable tube man, gave the Internet one of its most cringe-worthy clips of all time.

It’s not easy being a reporter and introducing a small story. The greatest challenge I have in my job, is, of course, introducing a tiny clip. I want to make you feel the clip, I want to amp you up before I show you a photo of a raccoon flying into a windshield or what have you. I know you love what I do. Of course, you do! I’m probably your hero,  but if you really want to know the mastery of my clip introducing abilities, then try watching someone do it badly, such as this reporter.

All this reporter, telethon host, and meteorologist Dave Scott has to do is introduce a man dressed as an inflatable tube man. And, folks — he can’t. It’s one of the most beautifully cringeworthy videos to hit the Internet in a long time, and it came out of the famed home of news video bloopers (both real and fictional) — San Diego.

Remember, all this guy has to do is introduce some inflatable tube man and go home. This could not be easier, but the first bad step is taken when the journalist asks if inflation is a good thing or a bad thing. Economic inflation, folks. He asks if it’s good or bad. Now, he is referring, rather casually to fluctuations in the economy.

Meanwhile, the desk journalist is absolutely baffled (as are we the viewers). It gets worse though as the reporter, seemingly not understanding any social cues, presses the issue until finally, and awkwardly, interviewing each and every unwilling member of the crowd. Luckily, Mr. Wacky was here to save the day. Thank you, Mr. Wacky.

Mr. Wacky was apparently the gentleman costumed as an inflatable tube man, and don’t get me wrong — he was pretty cringe-worthy too — but at least the guy knew how to get an audience fired up and not discuss the ever-changing economy! Mr. Wacky, save this man from his own segment. Good work, Mr. Wacky!

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