Infinite Duck Parade Here To Distract Us From The End Times

Make way for infini-ducklings!

This video, uploaded in 2016 and currently being passed around now — is a wonderful mini antidote for the times we’re currently living in. Sure, we may have an endless parade of bad news, but have you considered instead looking at an endless parade of… cute little ducklings!?

How is this video three and a half minutes long? How do this many ducklings even exist? What is happening? How is it happening? Did an earthquake scare away the world’s ducklings from their ponds at once? Did they all see the same bread crust and couldn’t help themselves? Check out this endless stream. And spoiler alert: they don’t end when the video stream does. They just keep on waddling along.

So as an act of self care, next time you see an endless stream of bad news just imagine a duck after it. Justice Kennedy retires allowing Trump to place his own nominee on the court, just imagine a cute little golden duckling waddling past. David Lynch getting retweeted by the president? Aww, here comes a little mallard. See! It works!

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