Paralyzed Mom Gets To Surf With The Help of Duct Tape And A Good Friend

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    This story is so inspiring! Australian woman, Pascale Honore was paralyzed in a car accident, but never gave up on living a full life.

    Pascale adjusted to life after the accident while staying positive, but she missed being able to be on the beach and watch her sons surf. After seeing how much interest Pascale showed in going to the beach with them, even though she couldn’t take part, Tyron Swan, A friend of her sons, offered to duct tape her to his back so she could surf alongside her sons. The video shows her surfing and scuba diving on Tryon’s back.

    She says doing this has shown her “you can still have a dream, and things are possible.” Check out the video! Watching her surf on Tyron’s back is truly incredible. She looks so happy out on the ocean with the waves crashing around her.

    Check the video out here!