Two Elderly Women Fly For The First Time And It’s Precious

  • An & Ria’s #First flight – the full film

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    In this video from Vodafone Firsts, An-71, and Ria-70, are both ready to take their first flight, and they’re going to do it together, even though they’ve never met.

    An’s husband, Jan has wanted to travel, but she is too afraid to fly, and he respects that. Ria, on the other hand, isn’t afraid to fly at all. She has almost the opposite problem, her husband had a fear of flying, so she never did. They’ve both decided that it’s now or never, so they’ve set out to fly to Barcelona together.

    You may have seen what we posted about Ria on a roller coaster. That very cute video was taken from this larger film. The full, about 10-minute, film does not disappoint. Their reactions after the experience are even more precious than the roller coaster bit.

    The women seem to form an immediate friendship, and it doesn’t take long until An is no longer scared; she’s just enjoying the beautiful view and having fun with Ria. After the trip, An calls her husband, Jan, crying because of how remarkable the experience was. Between An getting emotional and Ria goofing around, this is by far one of the cutest and most inspirational things I’ve seen in awhile. Between this and the surfer who duct taped his friends’ mom to his back, it’s been a very inspiring day for the internet.