Michelle Obama Schools Tyler Oakley (on Education!)

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    Tyler Oakley and Michelle Obama have quite a bit in common. They’re both first-generation college-goers. Oakley has 5.4 million YouTube subscribers. Obama has 5.4 million Twitter followers.

    Now, the two are joining together to promote the First Lady’s Reach Higher initiative, encouraging young people to complete their education and “own” their future.

    The best part of this video, though, is the game they play in the second half. Both Obama and Oakley get one minute to ask the other as many questions as possible. Obama doesn’t make it easy on herself, though. She gets caught chatting during the lightning round.

    What’s Tyler going to do, though. Correct her? She’s Michelle [email protected]%$#ing Obama!

    I learned something new from this, though. Tyler Oakley went to Michigan State and was an RA for three years. Go Spartans?