Mystery Russian Superhero Avenges World Against Litterbugs

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    Okay, okay, it’s probably fake. But, BUT! How cool would it be if this is true — if this woman has just been driving around, filming everything, waiting for the opportunity to enact justice against those who would soil our planet with their fast food wrappers.

    Here’s the argument against it being fake. My conception of littering is based on the United States, where there have been consistent campaigns for decades on the importance of being eco-friendly. I mean, the crying Indian commercial was over 40 years ago! We’re at the point in the U.S. where you never see people blatantly dropping garbage out of their windows, anymore. But maybe, just maybe, Russia is different. It’s quite possible they never had their crying Indian moment, have never taken part in Earth Day festivities during middle school, and still dump garbage all over the place.

    Thus, this motorized crusader is exactly what they need. Someone to enact swift justice on those who would trash streets in the Eastern Bloc. A toxic avenger. A helmeted fighter. A dark knight.