One Man Journeyed 11,200 Miles Through 22 Countries By Bike

  • Pedal The World / An Adventure Around The World On A Bike

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    Felix Starck took the meaning of adventure to a whole new level in his upcoming documentary Pedal The World.

    Starck took on the challenge to travel the world on his bike over the course of a year.

    What started as a joke between his friends, became the inspiration to break away for the norms of everyday life. He traveled through 22 counties and 11,200 miles. He wanted to experience different countries and cultures with the locals, which helped inspire his decision to use a bike.

    However, all of Starck’s adventures on his journey were not always enjoyable. From being robbed by police in Cambodia to being run off the road by truckers, it was the daily hospitality he received from strangers around the world that gave him the strength to keep pedaling. The best part is, he got it all on tape.