A YouTuber Who Refuses To Be A Bystander | #WebCrushWednesday

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  • Usually on #WebCrushWednesday, What’s Trending likes to highlight someone who might not have the biggest audience online. Even though Laci Green just hit one million subscribers on YouTube (congrats, Laci!), there’s a big reason why she’s our Web Crush this week, she’s not afraid to take a stand.

    Obviously, if you follow any amount of YouTubers and have been on Twitter this week, you’ve seen many of your favorite YouTubers voice their opposition of popular YouTuber and well known “prankster” Sam Pepper for his “social experiment,” which really wasn’t much of a social experiment at all.

    Sam’s videos have been taken down due to violation of YouTube’s terms (as they should be), but in case you aren’t aware, What’s Trending covered some of the debacle earlier this week, click here to see our video.

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    After the first video in Sam’s trio, Laci took to Tumblr to reach out to Sam, getting other notable YouTubers to voice their support as well by reblogging and signing the letter.

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    We’re so glad that Laci took action the moment she saw that something was wrong, and did so by reaching out to the community.

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    Even our last Web Crush, Connor Manning knows what’s up.

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    Since taking action, many viewers and creators alike who have gone to YouTube gatherings, conventions, and events have reached out to Laci. Sam Pepper himself has reach out to Laci, but in a not-so-nice fashion. Sam has been sending Laci these vague threats via email, as a person who has been sent many threats before online, Laci isn’t fazed by this.

    That’s right, Laci has been threatened before, even with death. She’s gone dark online before, but we’re glad that she’s back because the work she’s doing is so important. The topics that she covers on her channel are things that people tend to shy away from in person, but they need to be talked about. Because of Laci, we’ve seen so many other creators begin to join in on the discussion of these traditionally “taboo” topics.


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  • So congrats again Laci for hitting the big million on YouTube, and thank you so so much for the work that you do on and offline! We’re so glad that you raise wareness and discussion in such an inclusive way.

    To catch Laci on tour, click here to see if she’s coming to a city near you!