Watch This Dad’s Priceless Reaction To Finding Out He Was Having Twins

  • My Reaction to My Twin Pregnancy – That Chick Angel TV

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    Angel is a rising star on the Internet mainly focusing on the funny side of motherhood, entertainment and random things she stumbles upon in life.

    She recently went to the doctors to confirm her second pregnancy and received something a little extra at her appointment — not one but two babies on the way!

    After finding out the big news, she decided to record the reactions of her little boy and her husband. At first her husband was in complete in utter shock yelling “NO!” and “Break you off of my super sperm!” Clearly by her husband’s reaction he is very happy about the news.

    After 11 weeks, they decided to tell their son. His response was, well, interesting?

    He said that he wants to name his twin siblings Poodle and Nicky. These parents sure are in for an adventure of a lifetime!