A Teen Who Has Some “Clairity” | Web Crush Wednesday

  • TEDxLaJolla – Claire Wineland – It’s Just a Disease

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    Born with Cystic Fibrosis, Claire Wineland proves that her life is truly in her hands. She’s been hospitalized for almost a quarter of her life, yet she doesn’t let that fact be what everyone notices about her. Claire decided to not just survive her illness, but to truly live her life. In her TED talk, Claire is clearly a natural comedian.

  • Cystic Fibrosis – How Claire Wineland Lives and Thrives

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    Claire is our Web Crush this week, because she doesn’t let anything in life hold her back from truly being who she wants to be. In all her interviews, she just emits such a light with her strong personality. Claire shows that just because you might be sick, or anything else, doesn’t mean that you life to be different or not have fun. Clearly, Claire is wise beyond her seventeen years.

  • Welcome To My Channel

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    Recently, Claire started a new project on YouTube to show people what it’s really like to be live with an illness. She wants the world to be educated, so that we don’t automatically treat someone with an illness with pity, but rather like any other person we know. We love that Claire is using the web for such a great thing, because people tend to shy away from taking about illnesses, especially when they’re affecting younger people.

  • REVIEW: “Red Band Society” Episode 1

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    Claire has also started doing episode-by-episode reviews of FOX’s new show that revolves around young people spending their lives in hospitals. She wants people to really know what living with an illness is like, so she points out some things technically that the show gets wrong. We love that she doesn’t just pick apart the show, but tells us why these things are wrong so we can better understand what being hospitalized for prolonged periods of time is like.

  • Most Common Question I’m Asked

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    We are absolutely in love with out positive, and open Claire is about her life. We love that she doesn’t let anything hold her back, and that she just wants people to think in a different way about people living with an illness. We love that she wants to people to open their minds and look at illness from different vantage points.

    Make sure you subscribe to her YouTube Channel, and follow her on Twitter. You go, Claire! You’re awesome!