Watch Canadians Be Wonderful Non-Racists in Ottawa Shooting Aftermath

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    Last week, we were all shocked by the horror that took place in Ottawa when Michael Zehaf-Bibeau opened fire at the city’s National War Memorial, in an apparent terrorist attack.

    Anyone of age in the United States in the aftermath of 9/11 — and, to be fair, today — has witnessed the unchecked xenophobia of a frightened population unfamiliar with the Islamic faith. Fortunately, YouTuber Omar Albach has been able to show us a different side to humanity.

    In a new video, Albach stages a series of arguments between a man dressed in traditional Muslim garb and a white man, Devin Giamou. In each of these instances, citizens of Hamilton, Ontario, step up for the Muslim man and criticize Giamou for demanding that a man dressed in those clothes shouldn’t be allowed to ride the bus with him.

    In fact, one particularly concerned citizen gets so fed up that he clocks Giamou in the face.

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    Well, for the most part, Canadians are a non-violent people. Unless you start acting like a huge racist around them.