This Video of a Young Girl Playing Piano Will Make You Cry

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    The above video of Anna van Keulen was shot in August, a few days before her 13th birthday. She plays the theme music to Downton Abbey, and her parents applaud as she finishes the beautiful rendition.

    A few months later, Anna was struck by a car while riding her bike in her hometown of Tilburg, in the Netherlands. That night, she died.

    Her father, Niek van Keulen, posted the video to YouTube on Tuesday morning, writing: My daughter Anna wanted to be famous. Now, she has suddenly died. Help her become famous by watching!

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    The video has since gone viral in The Netherlands and reached the top of r/videos this morning. Van Keulen has responded with thanks to all who watched.

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    Translation: It’s overwhelming … thanks all. Anna’s goal is reached: she’s famous.

    He’s also asked for the press to give him and his wife privacy while they grieve over their daughter’s passing.

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    Translation: Dear journalists: please stop calling. I do not want to be on radio or TV, it’s not about me, it’s about Anna. Thank you.

    We’re sorry for your loss, Mr. van Keulen. Hopefully Anna’s sudden Internet fame can be a minor comfort in this horrible time.