Kid Rock Becomes Perfect Birthday Present For His Biggest Fan

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    I’m going to forgo attempting to come up with a suitable Bawitaba pun to kick off this post, and simply say that Kid Rock has now done something I really respect and that should be enough to warrant an article.

    Dan McGurk, a 30 year old Detroit man with Down Syndrome, had posted a party invitation to Kid Rock back in August, but had no idea that the musician had received it, let alone planned to attend.

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    That is one extensive collection of Kid Rock stuff. Kid Rock bed sheets! Somebody made Kid Rock bed sheets and Dan McGurk bought them! That alone warrants a birthday dinner appearance from the man himself.

    It also appears that Kid Rock might be drinking a Long Island Iced Tea which is a great thing for him to drink.

    Now get in the pit and try to love someone.

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