Invisible Children Is Ending Its Program (Remember Kony 2012?) With One Final Push

  • Invisible Children has announced immense downsizing in its U.S. programs at the end of this year (about 2 weeks from now) and a major shift in their mission. The last two years of fundraising have proved difficult for the organization, but there’s no bitterness about it — in fact, they’re grateful. They’ve had eleven years of major success made possible not by corporate funding, but by people, and they’re thrilled.

    However, because of dwindling funds, they had to make a decision. They would either keep up the awareness efforts in the U.S. or focus on maintaining essential programs in central Africa through 2015. They’ve decided to prioritize the continuation of the important programs. So, no more t-shirt sales or fundraising events. They’re dissolving their main office and letting go of almost all staff, including executive staff. They believe it’s the best way to support an end to the conflict.

    They’re confident there will still be awareness and commitments, but probably on a much smaller scale. From their website: “…we are going back to where we started, a bunch of littles in a ragtag posse, volunteering to act when called upon.”

    There’s a final two week fundraising push. It’s all going to Africa and it’s all going to fund the next year of transition. They’re hoping for $150,000 to keep a small team in in the U.S. and a small team in Africa for another year. If they don’t reach the goal they expect the programs to end prematurely.

    So, you know, real important shit. Hopefully all those white kids that made “Kony 2012” so big will hear about this too.

    Here’s their website.

    And here’s where you can donate if you want.