Invention: Lifting Jar That Saves Your Peanut Butter

  • Source: Reddit

    All those people who made annoying Back to the Future Facebook posts were right! 2015 IS the future!

    A man with an incredible amount of wasted intelligence and time on his hands has invented a reusable jar that can dispense the content at the bottom of jars and similarly-shaped containers: peanut butter, Nutella, calk, you name it!

    If thrown inside this brilliantly-assembled reusable container, though, your gooey food products can go through a lot less waste.


    Unless the transferring of your peanut butter from the old jar to this new invention would waste more than not having the new jar itself… Hmmmm…

    Either way, if everything came in something like this, you would feel a lot less disgusting reaching into jars like a cartoon bear if they were just a little bit more practical.

    What do you think of this young gentleman’s experiment in elegantly-executed gluttony?