Check Out This Badass Penalty Shot

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    Nikita Gusev is a professional KHL player who, this weekend, showed everyone in the league that they should be playing more like it’s the movies.

    Moments after having taken a smiling, hugging, happy picture with the man who he was about to obliterate, Gusev proceeded to score a penalty goal in a way that people don’t really see very often in professional sports (any jackass amateur hockey player who thinks they’re amazing knows how to do this trick). The way he scored that goal was like if Michael Bay had directed the Mighty Ducks movies.

    The hard part about this isn’t the trick, most hockey fans aren’t all that enthused about the trick itself, but the fact that it actually worked. Do you know how much of a piece of sh*t this guy would look like if he’d missed? That is one risky shot.

    And this is, regardless of whether or not “you could totally do this too,” an awesome clip, because you didn’t do this too. You’re on your phone or computer. Or tablet if you’re visiting your parents.

    Anyway, here’s a video of a 9 year old pulling this off like three times.

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    9 year olds, dude.