This Amazing Golden Retriever Rescue Will Make Your Day

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    This golden retriever, named Clarabelle after her rescue, was scared and homeless. Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization based in Los Angeles, received a call about her and knew they had to help. Passerby saw her everyday, but no one could get close enough to do anything but feed her.

    Clarabelle was so skittish and scared she avoided anyone who came near her. The Hope For Paws team tried to rescue her five times before they were successful. I’ve had the privilege of meeting Hope For Paws founder, Eldad Hagar, and I can tell you that he truly has a gift. He has travelled throughout the United States and beyond rescuing the unreachable.

    This video shows just how great of an effect love and affection can have. There is such a dramatic shift in Clarabelle’s demeanor from hiding to rescue. She has now received medical treatment and is happily awaiting adoption at a rescue center.