Two Bonded Poodles Rescued from Sewer

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    Our friends at Hope for Paws have another touching rescue story – two poodles, a brother and sister, who were struggling to survive in a sewer beneath a Los Angeles freeway.

    Recently the organization got a call about two dogs living under the I-5. A family had been leaving them food for weeks, but nobody could get to them in the deep tunnels beneath ten lanes of traffic.

    Founder Eldad Hagar and his team had to block one end of the tunnel, crawl in and corner the frightened animals. It took a while to get the dogs to come outside; several times they panicked and their rescuers had to stop and calm them down. “I don’t know how we’re getting out of here with them,” Hagar said at one point.

    Finally safe, the dogs were fed, groomed and bathed, and given the names Pepsi and Cola. The family who had been feeding them for weeks came to meet them properly, and how Hope for Paws is trying to find them a home.

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