This Good Samaritan Stopped to Help Despite His Own Hardships

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    It started out as a typical “social experiment” prank video, and then it turned into something amazing.

    YouTube prankster Ryan Patrick from HammyTV pretended to be stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire he didn’t know how to change, and waited to see if anyone would pull over to help. After two hours, someone finally did, but it wasn’t what Ryan was expecting.

    The man who stopped to help was Eric, who had severe burns over half of his body. He had seen Ryan’s car earlier and couldn’t stop because he was on his way to physical therapy, but on the way back he pulled over. “Everybody needs a little help here and there,” he said.

    As he helped with the tire – which he had to do from a wheelchair because he had trouble standing due to skin grafts on his legs – Eric explained he’d been caught in a house fire and lost everything, including his two dogs. He had been in a coma, and now he was still in pain and taking medication. He was struggling to find the money to get an apartment and replace his possessions.

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    Ryan soon dropped the prank and took Eric to buy him a new Playstation, and used the opportunity to promote a GoFundMe page set up to get Eric on his feet again. Now HammyTV’s viewers are rallying to support him, and all proceeds from the video will also go toward Eric’s fund. The campaign is currently at $53,960.

    Please donate if you can, or share this article or the GoFundMe campaign’s page, to give Eric a hand and show your appreciation for his kindness.