American Idol Finalist Surprises His Inspirational Choir Teacher

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  • This Facebook video of a Chicago choir teacher returning to school after battling cancer and being serenaded by her students will make you tear up – which is why it’s being featured in a Kleenex commercial.

    We see what you did there, Kleenex.

    Choir director Gabrielyn Watson is one of those teachers who inspires her students for the rest of their lives – including American Idol finalist Peter Frank, who returned to Morgan Park High School to surprise her with a touching rendition of “Amazing Grace.”

    Ms. Watson had just returned to the school after battling multiple myeloma, so the gesture immediately brought her to tears. “It’s great to feel loved and like what you do matters,” she said.

    People are now sharing stories of their favorite inspirational teachers on Facebook. Did you have a teacher like that? Let us know in the comments!