The Force Awakens Love for Utah Cosplayers

  • Star wars engagement photos dramatic kiss
  • Victor Sine, 25, and Julianne Payne, 22, are taking the internet’s Finnrey Ship to another level. The couple’s engagement pictures, shot in Little Sahara Sand Dunes in Utah, went viral due in part to how great their cosplay game is, but their story is as epic as the tale they love.

    To be fair, they claim to have never seen a Star Wars film before marathoning them all right before seeing TFA in theaters, but since seeing it they’ve fully embraced the Jedi path.

    The two met just about 9 months ago on Tinder and fell in love quickly. Sine is in the process of formally adopting Payne’s daughter, Addie (the adorable “Baby-8” featured with them) and they’re hoping the shoot going viral helps bring some attention to their GoFundMe they’ve set up to cover extensive adoption and fees. You can help them reach their goal here:

    The wedding date is set for May 28th on a planet not so far far away. Best of luck, Victor, Julianne and Addie! You can follow their adventures at @realfinnandrey.