Heroic Cyclist Catches Purse Snatchers!

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • A Polish man showed a great deal of bravery when chasing down two potential purse snatchers who beat an underage girl while attempted to steal her bag.

    In the video description, the cyclist stated he did break Polish road law in order to chase down the would-be thieves, and was able to successfully place them under citizen’s arrest until the police arrived. Translated, albeit poorly, here is what the description said of the two assailants:

    “… Two women, dirty, sloppy, with many scars at their hands, aged ~17-20yo. I could smell that they were drunk. They’d been trying to escape multiple times before the police came. They were swearing and threatening “fuck off, if you touch me I’ll bite you”,”leave me alone, fuck, I’ll punch you in the face”. One of them tried to run on the street in front of oncoming traffic. Both denied to stay in one place. When I eventually made them sit, they started to smoke found broken dirty scrap of the cigarette.”

    The cyclist also credited the other brave women around him who helped keep the purse snatchers from fleeing. The two women were arrested and are facing charges.