Olive Garden: Now Offering Bottomless Breadsticks AND Babysitters

  • Who doesn’t love endless pasta combinations and breadsticks? Olive Garden is a fan favorite for these dishes. Some fans even hit the Italian chain twice a day, every day. While Olive Garden is the perfect stop for loading up on carbohydrates, one waiter has made the chain the best place to bring kids, too.

    Recently, at an Olive Garden in Arkansas, waiter Rob Davis took care of his customers’ baby to allow a frazzled couple to enjoy their meal. Little did the waiter know how appreciated this act of kindness was. The couple later revealed that they had been at the Children’s Hospital all day. Dallas French, the mother of the infant, posted a photo on Facebook, writing:

    “…[We] went to Olive Garden in little rock after Ellees tests at Children’s hospital and she was starving and I was trying to make a bottle and spilled it all over me an the floor and made another bottle and our waiter ( wish I knew his name) watched all that had happened and just had brought our salad and bread sticks and said here let me feed her and you eat. This melted all of us and this is what we need more of! … Gosh I wish I woulda got his name because he deserves the recognition!!”

    French later told Today News, “Most people would’ve just taken their break, but he stepped in and stepped up, and it made me cry when I left.”

    Rob Davis also spoke with Today News, saying, “I didn’t know it meant so much to her. I also didn’t know it was such a big ordeal as far as the baby’s health. That kind of made it a little more powerful for me that the baby smiled at me.”

    French’s post has received over 180,000 reactions, 30,000 shares, and 2,700 comments in just four days. Olive Garden has also shared an article regarding the event on their Facebook:

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