This Little Boy’s Letter to President Obama Will Melt Your Heart

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  • In one of the most touching stories of the week, President Obama shared a message from a little boy regarding the Syrian refugee crisis. Both Obamas have been killing it recently, with Michelle’s impression of Barack and the President slow jamming the news on Fallon back when it was fun and not attempting to humanize Donald Trump.

    The boy, Alex, age 6, asks to take in the little boy from the [Warning: graphic] famous photo in an ambulance in Syria. The photo was used throughout the media to show what’s happening in Aleppo, the place Gary Johnson didn’t know about.

    For the record, Omran Daqneesh, the Syrian boy, still has his family — his father, mother, brother and sister survived that attack. But the fact that seeing him sitting alone inspired Alex, from New York, to write to the President and create one of the most human moments of this crisis shows a lot about the kid. His offer to be his brother, to teach him English and to teach him to ride a bike. We could all be a little bit more like Alex.

    The full Facebook post from President Obama is below, in which he explains the video.

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