CoverGirl Debuts Very First CoverBOY

  • James Charles is the first ever male spokesmodel, or “CoverBoy,” for CoverGirl.



  • James Charles is a seventeen year old aspiring makeup artist from New York. Today he was appointed Covergirl’s newest spokesmodel. Charles will be working closely with brand ambassador Katy Perry, who is no stranger to baring it all for the camera.

  • James’ YouTube tutorials, username JCharlesBeauty, have thousands of views, but his real fanbase is of the Instagram variety. Check out his mesmerizing pics here. Fair warning though, you’ll probably get sucked into a makeup envy hole and wake up in Sephora. THOSE BROWS THO.

  • Katy Perry is CoverGirl’s brand ambassador, and will be working with Charles.

  • But really, don’t you wish you were this flawless?

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  • Today, CoverGirl selected Charles as the first male face of the brand in over sixty years as a makeup giant. He will appear in print, magazine and digital ads with Perry, and even do some solo ads.

    If that didn’t make you feel incompetent, he’s also still in high school. What were you doing when you were seventeen!? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.