This Amazon Ad Is Guaranteed to Make You Feel Good in Two Days or Less

  • Sometimes you need a little bit of warmth in this cold, cold world. Luckily, Amazon is there with their most recent ad. It showcases two religious leaders – one Christian, the other Muslim – sharing a cup of tea and buying each other presents. It’s… it’s really just perfect. Just like animals on trampolines.

    The two are shown talking, and when it’s time to get up they both realize that their knees just aren’t what they used to be. Years of praying in both religions will do that to you. It’s nice to see that our world shares similarities like kneeling to worship. It’s also nice to see two people doing something kind for each other.

    See, both recognize a need in the other and get each other what turn out to be matching knee pads. Aw, friendship! It makes both of their lives easier and it makes ours brighter. We should be able to come together like this instead of doing whatever certain political leaders want us to do.

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