Ryan Higa Spreads Love to Those in Need With ‘Holiday Ninjas’

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  • Ryan Higa has given us yet another reason to love him. Following his latest installment in the “Things That Ruin Thanksgiving” series, Ryan has brought back another holiday tradition — “Holiday Ninjas!”

    According to Ryan, giving back during the holidays is the best time to #BeSelfish.

    “I’m not doing it to help other people. I’m doing it to make me feel good, so it’s incredibly selfish. Just so happens that this selfish thing that I’m doing has a byproduct that… makes others feel good!”

    Keeping with the ninja theme, you can see Ryan and his friends creeping around the streets handing out food, blankets, and warm clothes to those in need. What happens if their target is too aware? They pull out their ninja distraction skills, of course!

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  • The world needs more people like Ryan Higa and his super cool ninja friends!

    What are you going to do this holiday season to #BeSelfish? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!