Woman Gets Soundwave of Grandma Wishing Happy Birthday Tattooed on Heart

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • When user @sakyrahhh wanted to get a tattoo to remember her grandmother who passed away her junior year of high school, she decided to do so in a unique way. Using a special app, she got a sound wave of a voicemail her grandmother left her wishing her a happy birthday, recorded one month before she passed away.

    The audio clip plays when scanned from a phone — with @sakyrahhh explaining that it reads the audio clip as an image and perfectly plays it from there. She got the tattoo on her heart showing she will always carry her grandmother with her as she goes through the world. She used an app called SkinMotion Tattoos to get it figured out and to play — much like, according to a commenter — a QR code. It’s beautiful and a wonderful way to remember a grandmother’s love.

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