Tiffany Haddish Cries at Meeting Oprah


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  • Ellen DeGeneres has kind of made the concept of making her guest cry with the addition of a random guest who means an incredible amount to them. Remember when she had selfie kid meet Justin Timberlake? That was beautiful — and now Ellen is doing the same by allowing Tiffany Haddish to meet someone who is clearly an incredible inspiration to her — and to all of us — Oprah Winfrey.

    Before Oprah came out, Tiffany was telling Ellen a story about how she was extra (long before she was a star) on the set of an Oprah produced movie, “Their Eyes Were Watching God.” She remembers making the entire cast oh… laugh and laugh and laugh. Suddenly, Oprah Winfrey approached and talked to her — asking her who she was, Haddish told her she was a stand-up comedian — and Oprah asked her to send her letters to keep up with her comedy career. As Tiffany began a joke as to why Oprah never answered her letters — Oprah came out, and the result was beautiful. Oh my gosh. I could watch this video forever, but luckily it’s only about a minute and change, so I get cut off before I can overstay my welcome watching hours of heartwarming footage of comedians meeting one of their heroes.

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