ADORABLE: Turkish Squirrel Who Lost Legs Given Wheels


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  • One of my favorite news story types are the ones where people take care of a little animal that they don’t really have to take care of. Like, the world will spin on without snails or bees — but then I read a story where someone builds a snail a prosthetic shell or someone builds a bee some fake wings and my heart just bursts from all the love taking place on the page. That is why it thrills me to announce this — after Karamel the Squirrel lost their legs in a trap in the Turkish city of Batman, veterinarians rescued the animal and gave it a set of wheels to temporarily replace its little front squirrel paws as it learns to walk again.

    Look at cute little Karamel! I mean, if you saw a little squirrel as cute as him, wouldn’t you do the same? Of course! I mean, look at the doctor kiss little Karamel.

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  • So cute!

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