Musician and Two Young Daughters Sing “Home” For Detained Mother

  • Home – Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros Acoustic Cover (Jorge, Alexa & Eliana Narvaez)

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    Jorge Narvaez and his daughters Alexa and Eliana, promote the petition to bring his mother home through the National Immigrant Youth Alliance and the #BringThemHome Project. His mom, Esther Alvarado, is currently detained with 150 families.

    “I support the Bring Them Home project,” Narvaez wrote. “No one should be forced to live away from their loved ones. If you believe in family reunification, please support us by signing the national petition to bring them home and staying informed by following the National Immigrant Youth Alliance.”

    Not only is this video a magnificent and heart-wrenching cover, but the emotion shared by all three as they sing really brings the message of the petition…well, home.