Tigers Retire From the Circus to a Zoo!

Five tigers, who once performed as part of the circus, have been transferred to a zoo in the Isle of Wight.

by Amy Walters

Five tigers, who suffered abuse from being a part of a Spanish circus, have finally been taken out of their misery, as they have been transferred to the Isle of Wight Zoo in the UK. During their past life, they were abused by those at the circus by being taught tricks that were only enforced by physically abusive methods, such as burning the feet of the tigers using hot plates to make sure that they would step forwards and backwards on command.

However, UK broadcaster, Chris Packham, went to Spain to rescue the big cats earlier this year. He was disgusted at how poorly treated they were, and how feeble they appeared. Tigers are meant to be confident cats who rule the jungle, but instead, these horrible circus owners treated them like props.

When Packham visited the tigers, he had noticed how they had lost all trust in humans and were locked up in small cages with no room to roam. But now that the zoo has taken them on, they are now free to roam around in their new ‘forever home’ and be free from any abuse or harm that they previously may have suffered. They can finally be at peace in a place that they know is safe and where they will be looked after properly. Although these tigers belong in the wild, after the situation they have endured, a zoo is the best place for them to be so that they can get the constant help and care that they need.

People on Twitter are finding the news heart-warming and are happy that the tigers have finally been rescued from their old life.

The zoo is even hosting a day where the public can come along to meet one of the tigers, Natasha, for a housewarming party! But, of course, after she’s properly moved all her furniture in.

It looks like the five tigers have settled in well, and finally, have a happy place they can call home.

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