VIDEO: Couple Proposes at the Same Time

If this video isn't true love, I don't know what is.

You know how you know you were meant to be? When you and your significant other finish each others… proposals? What?! This is what happened to Becky McCabe and Jessa Gillaspie, when the couple went to the Memphis Zoo, where they shared their first date, for something very special — maybe more special than either person anticipated. As Jessa asked a photographer to take a photo of her and her girlfriend, she ended up getting down on one knee in order to propose to Becky. Then, Becky had a surprise of her own, pulling out an engagement ring that she also had tucked away for the occasion.

Damn, that is absolute love. Your minds are so in synch that you were ready to propose at the same place, at the same time! If first date locations are to be the site of moments this sweet, random coffee shops in Los Angeles better watch out. Someday I’m going to be kneeling right in your locale for one of the most important days of my life! And, guys — if I don’t give you a properly viral moment, you all can kick me out. It’s what I deserve for wasting all of your time!

I mean, let’s just appreciate how beautiful this image alone is.

The couple posted their marriage announcement on Facebook and it all seems incredibly blissful. Even better than the proposal, says Jessa, is a special surprise she had waiting for her at home.

“Five days ago the love of my life and I got engaged. It has to have been the best proposal that anyone could have asked for. As amazing as the proposal was, and however much attention it got, the best part was waiting for me when I got home as a surprise. The book below Beck ordered from Etsy just a few months after we started dating. Her first entry started on January 17, 2016. Since then, she has listed all the reasons she wants to marry me followed by stories from our life that explained her reasons. There are over 60 pages of why another human loves me so much that she wants to spend the rest of her life with me.”

Posted by Jessa Gillaspie on Wednesday, 30 May 2018

That’s… that’s beautiful. These two women certainly know good showmanship and are absolutely not afraid to show it. Bravo.

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