Lil Tay Deletes All Instagrams, Posts Mysterious Message

Is Lil Tay in trouble? Or is this all a stunt?

Lil Tay, the nine year old foul mouthed social media superstar, deleted all of her Instagram posts and posted a troubling single images with only the words “help me” in a tiny font. Could it be a stunt? Or is it Lil Tay in not-lil-trouble?

We created a video about the bizarre cultural force that is Lil Tay earlier in the year. Here’s a refresher: Lil Tay was a foul mouthed nine year old who seemed to have an unlimited income and unlimited sass as she feuded with the likes of Bhad Bhabie and cussed and said unspeakable things all around.

Rumors began swirling around what the actual deal with her was and if what was happening was some form of child abuse. Well, the mystery of how she had all that money was sort of put to rest when it was discovered that Lil Tay’s mother was fired from her job as a real estate agent for using the homes to shoot many of Lil Tay’s video, and a very sincere message following online pressure had Lil Tay explain she’s doing this to make her mother happy.

So, much of what Lil Tay is about is a stunt. So people are thinking… so is this “Help me”. I’m sure a child service agent was called at this point, because you don’t just post “Help me” to that many followers and nothing happens. I hope! At the same time, this feels like Lil Tay’s team, fading out of popularity, is playing into the constant concern we’ve had for this kid.

Lil Tay, if you need real help, please post an Instagram story where you ask for help in a bigger font! See, this is why it might be a spooky stunt – tiny dramatic font!? Lil Tay, it makes it sounds like you’re whispering in anguish. Actually maybe you are. Hang in there, Lil Tay! Hang in there!

What do you think of the “Help me”? Is Lil Tay in trouble or is it a stunt? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.