Logan Paul Wants to Fight a UFC Fighter, Says He “Did Athletics”

Logan Paul hasn't even had his fight with KSI, and already he's planning more.

Logan Paul has had, according my scientific studies… a year, folks. He started off with filming a dead body in the Japanese suicide forest. After his long climb back to some sort of normalcy he proceeded to throw that away by electrocuting some rats. Now, Logan Paul is ready to fight fellow YouTuber KSI. Logan Paul recently walked out of a press conference after KSI insulted his mother and girlfriend. The fight is looking kind of dicey to on lookers, but Logan Paul seems confident, to the point where after this fight, that again, he has not yet either won or lost, he is ready for the next step in his career. Fighting a UFC fighter.

Said Logan Paul to TMZ: “I want to get in the octagon… Yeah, bro, I wrestled my whole life. Bro, there’s no reason I can’t. I literally did athletics my whole life. Dana White, you watching this, bro? Pick a fighter for me, dude. Late next year.”

Damn! The hubris on this guy! He hasn’t even beaten a YouTuber in a fight yet, and he’s ready to fight a professional UFC fighter based on the fact that he (ahem), “literally did athletics his entire life”. I mean, that’s the kind of thinking that is pure 2018, baby!

He even calls out Dana White to find him CM Punk. Alright, CM Punk. I got a message for you, and it is this: Please go easy on Logan Paul! He didn’t mean nothing by it! He’s just mouthing off is all! Go easy on the guy all right! He’s not all there, all right! Come on CM Punk he don’t mean nuthin by it!

There we go, Logan Paul, I held off CM Punk for a little while! You can still pack your bags and get out of here and– what’s that? You’re still gonna fight KSI!? Alright, man! Alright!

UFC fighter… yeesh!

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