Los Angeles Mural ONLY Allows Verified Users To Take Photos

If you're verified or have 20,000 followers then you-- yes you-- can take a bad photo in front of some weird angel wings!


A mural in Los Angeles off Melrose Ave, as part of promotion for the upcoming web series, Like and Subscribe, only allows those who are Verified or have 20,000 followers to take a photo in front of it. The mural is behind a tent, and those influencers who have taken a photo of it have revealed something that — probably purposefully and for this exercise, — painfully bland. It’s a pair of wings, and there are are dozens of these around Los Angeles for joy eyed tourists (or possibly first date aficionados) to take photos in front of as they go about their day.

Although its promotion for a show, the stunt seems to be getting a lot of attention, as the public is vibing with the message that the mural is trying to send. Something about… the emptiness of fame? And how dumb it is to want it? Inverse went to the scene of the mural and reported a security guard who yelled “ARE YOU VERIFIED? ARE YOU VERIFIED?”, 18 people turned away who were VERY ANGRY, and three people allowed to take their photo with the very boring wings.

One security guard was a good sport, and took one non influencer’s photo in front of a different, probably better, mural.

So the message is clear. Being an influencer? It’s a weird thing with meaning we place on it that may not be actually there. They’re all taking the same photo, but why does the photo mean more coming from a select few? What makes these “influencers” stand out? What makes non influencers not stand out? Is this mural worth it? Like all great art, it both make us think about the problems in the world and forces us to think about how famous we could be.

We live in a world where the emptiness of fame can often overtake the meaning of substance, and the world is growing worse for it, with this mural pointing to this reality and whispering “It is not too late. Too late to save us all”.

Anyway, here is YouTuber GinaMayG at the mural!

Boy oh boy, what I wouldn’t do for that blue checkmark. Boy oh boy. According to Inverse, the YouTubers were in on the joke too, which is fun. Way to go, YouTubers.

Also what does it mean to have a lot of followers? Supposedly it means your thoughts are so deeply interesting and the whereabouts of your life are so incredible, that the universe at large is chomping at the bit to know more about the mysterious being who is, apparently, you. For me however it meant that when I found a weird Casper the Friendly Ghost comic (Google Casper’s Cousin Powerhouse), it meant that after one post I couldn’t tell any of my dang friends about it, they all knew already cuz I posted it! I have 2,500 followers folks. I’m not a small deal. Get me at that mural! Get me at it!

I am glad I was able to bring in Casper’s strong cousin Powerhouse into this discussion.

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