Miguel Vasquez Shows Us Unsettling Real Life Homer Simpson

Real life d'oh!

It’s always exciting when Miguel Vasquez, on Twitter as @ItsMikeTheBoxer drops in to horrify us with another CGI model of what some of our favorite cartoon creations would look like in real life. Last time we spoke, he seared our eyelids and burnt our corneas with the sight of the deeply meat head looking Phineas and Ferb. Now, lo and behold he takes on one of the holy grails of animated heroes: Homer Simpson. Here we are with… real life Homer Simpson. Behold!

Now of course, the concept of “real life” is mainly up to authorial interpretation. After all, there’s nothing in Matt Groening’s original or evolved design that hints that Homer Simpson has say — deeply bloodshot eyes, or a vein going down the side of his head. And there isn’t really anything telling us home has more than one hair in his fabulous rim of hair! Look at the original picture! The hair is meant to be an M for Matt Groening!

Still, there’s something thrilling about viewing these kinds of horror shows and trying to square our own love of Homer Simpson with the bug eyed hulking monstrosity we see before us.

This isn’t the first time someone tried to give us an example of what the Simpsons would look like as real people. This clip, which was used to advertise the Simpsons abroad, gave us an intro to the beloved animated sitcom as populated by real people.

Upsetting either way. Matt Groening’s characters look so cute! Homer kind of resembles more closely his voice actor, Dan Castellaneta, a cute sweet looking guy with a bald head and some stubble. Why do we have to keep making Homer look so gruff! Come on!

Miguel Vasquez has dropped a few other deformed mutants masquerading as beloved cartoon characters in recent days, including Nigel Thornberry from “The Wild Thornberries” and Courage the Cowardly Dog. I don’t know why Courage has nipples in this rendition. You see what I mean, why does realistic mean ugly? Courage could just be a cute little pup. Come on!

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