Saudi Arabian Woman Makes Ecstatic Rap Video About Country Allowing Women to Drive

Saudi Arabia has allowed women to drive, and the result? Quite the "fire" rap!

In a video that has gone viral on the internet, like so many speeding cars, Leesa A, after June 24th, the day that women in Saudi Arabia were allowed to drive for the first time, quickly uploaded a video of her rapping about how excited she is to take on the road. The video is silly, cute, glamorous, glorious and defiant, and her rap is absolute fire. Much like the fire emitting from the exhaust jets of a car in a cartoon! Fwoosh fwoosh fwoosh! Ah, let’s just watch the rap!

The BBC translates part of the rap as:

“Yo, you seem to be forgetting that today is the 10th, this means there no taxis I am not kidding, today I can drive myself. The steering wheel in my hands, the pedal under my foot… I put the seat belt over my abaya”

Oh man! Absolutely glorious! We should celebrate every big legislative progress in our country with an Instagram done rap video too! It’s the only choice! The young woman, under the name @leesaseal, has quickly gone uber popular on Instagram. See, countries that deny women rights? Give them the rights! It’s not just right. It’s a cool rap extravaganza.

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