She spilled 5.5 gallons of WHAT?!

The ranch dressing mishap gone viral.

If you’re looking to go viral anytime soon, maybe try spilling 22 quarts of ranch dressing! The moment a restaurant worker dropped 5.5 gallons in the kitchen was caught on camera and shared at different angles by her coworkers on Twitter.

“So a couple days ago, one of my coworkers accidentally let 22 quarts of ranch dressing slip out of her hand…” said Twitter user @BorboaGrant.

The video shows the restaurant worker laughing her way through the accident, covered in splashed ranch. The 18-second viral video has almost 8 million views and has led to several others to share their unfortunate spills on the internet. The spills consist of everything from barbecue sauce to sweet tea.

But, for some reason, ranch always seems to cause problems. Whether it be forgetting the bottle doesn’t have a squeeze top and covering your plate in ranch, or any of the other restaurant scale accidents below.

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