Someone Sent Betsy DeVos’ 40 Million Dollar Yacht Out To Sea

The Seaquest is one of the Secretary of Education's ten yachts. Also... lol

Imagine you’re Betsy DeVos: a billionaire and richest member of the Trump administration. Also you are in charge of childrens’ education. A few problems: you don’t believe in public schooling and apparently never set foot into a public school. That’s not great folks. You can’t have a Secretary of Education who doesn’t believe in public schooling. A classic “bad situation” right there. So, how can we blame this ne’er do well prankster who untied Betsy DeVos’ $40 million dollar yacht, the Seaquest, and moored it on Lake Erie.


Here’s the stupid as hell boat.

The boat banged up against the dock on Lake Erie, and the damage numbers between five and ten thousand dollars. Also, it’s okay for Betsy, she can always drown her troubles by taking one of her — ahem — nine other yachts out to sea! She’s got ten yachts! She is one person who owns ten different yachts! If I own one yacht I’m either richer beyond my wildest dreams or I have a stolen a yacht!

Honestly, when you have that many yachts, who cares. Let the ocean claim this one Betsy DeVos. Like, pretend that yacht is a public school and — oh, you don’t care about it already! That’s wonderful!

This is the second act of vandalism concerning a member of the Trump administration, after the president’s star, celebrating his years of yelling at Gary Busey and Arsenio Hall on The Apprentice was destroyed by some cool as hell dude wielding a pick axe. Also the last guy to vandalize the Trump star bailed him out. I’m enjoy this brotherhood of Trump star vandals. Many might disagree…  but I think… they’re a-okay.

What do you think of the loss of Betsy DeVos’ boat. Did you like The Lonely Island’s song “I’m On A Boat”? Would you eat it with a goat? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.