Twitter Artist Sketches Crude Versions of Profile Pictures

Crude Doodles? Croodles? Anyway, they're nuts! Check them out!


When you’re so bored and there’s nothing for you to do, taking to Twitter is sure to fill you with inspiration, and for this artist, the idea of sketching people’s profile pictures was one to fill them with hours of activity, and the outcomes were absolutely hilarious.

Twitter user, @aasontm, was so unbelievably bored one night, that they decided to jump on Twitter and ask fellow Twitter users whether they’d like their profile picture sketched out. Assuming that this person is meant to be an artist, you would think the outcomes would be rather spectacular and jaw-drop worthy. However, it was quite the opposite, and the artist sketched some very funny versions of people’s profile pictures, which made us cry with laughter, which he would probably draw as crude little pencil lines coming out of our eyes. It’s fun.

It all started off with a simple tweet. @Aasontm was bored and wanted a few extra followers and to possibly get some RTs within the double figures. We all dream of getting that one Tweet which gets all the attention, just so we can pin it to the top of our profile to show others that we once knew the celebrity life, so we get what their aim was.

But then people started to reply and wanted their profile picture to become an artistic masterpiece and were probably expecting some Pablo Picasso like work to be created. Although the drawings do look very similar, they do look like a 5-year-old has got hold of a pencil and tried their best, but just not to the level people had hoped. I mean, props to Anson, because I couldn’t do any better, but may I suggest not calling yourself an artist anymore, and perhaps a wise doodler would be more fitting?

Some people were very happy with their drawings, and thought the pieces were beautiful and very accurate.

Whereas a few others found them unsettling. We think these people are just being spoil sports.

We can’t stop laughing over these pictures and how terrible, but incredibly accurate they are. Anson may not be an artist but is sure as hell a great comedian.

If you’d like to see some more of Anson’s great work, you can find the original thread here.

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