Twitterer Chronicles Tale of True Love on a Plane

Rose Blair switched seats, joked about the people sitting in her old seats finding love and discovering... things could just be!

Now, if there’s one kind of story that our audience loves, loves, loves to read its stories about people having sex on a plane. Our story about a couple having sex on a plane to Ibizia was our most popular entry for the better part of a year, and you guys have definitely brought that kind of passion to the story of these parents recording people having sex on a plane seated behind them. But I wonder, would you guys bring us the same kind of infiniclicks if we told you the tale about… love… on a plane? Rosey Blair began a Twitter thread after asking to switch seats with a fellow airline passenger to be able to sit next to her boyfriend chronicling the couple in front of them. Rosey and her boyfriend jokes about the couple in front of them finding to love and well… it really does seem that the chemistry was absolutely there…

The couple began bonding quickly, realizing they shared the same career (personal trainer) and just absolutely loving each other’s company — and the signs of true love are in place! The billiard balls are in place! No eightball to be seen! Everything is ready to be knocked into the corner pocket for absolute love! There are no wedding rings! Their elbows are touching! A tiny little baby is cheering them on! Love! Love! Love! Love! Love!

Rose Blair, bolstered by the idea of true love and infinite favs, continued to chronicle the possibilities of this couple finding love! Kissy kissy, internet famous strangers, kissy kissy!

You can hop over to Rose Blair’s Twitter feed for more, for information on how this possible couple to be shared a cheese cart, talked about each others’ parents, and how the dude has rocking abs.

Maybe love may just be in the air after all… maybe…

What do you think of the Tweets? Was this couple finding love, or was the person reading too much into two people becoming friends? Still kind of cute though. In any case let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending