VIDEO: Adorable Pit Bull Dances With Food

Good dog.

Dogs are perfect, I don’t have to tell you that. You either have a dog, or have seen a dog, or even without all of those, I am sure all of our incredible and breathless coverage of good boys and very good boys (i.e., good dogs) you’ve been stunned by the sheer quality of good dogdom out there in the world. And now we come to you with a real cutie. From the pit bull Instagram account, BrutusthaBully, we see a dog gets a pig’s ear as a treat and get so excited about it, he puts it on the ground in front of him and joyfully dancing in front of it.

The video is adorable. I don’t have to tell you that, you just saw it with your own eyes. Damn, I’ve got to start appreciating this food as much as the dog does. I should dance in front of my bowl of cereal when it comes out. I mean, I’m not lying about my emotions. My bowl of cereal is excellent and deserves to see my wonderful dancing.

Bruno, I hope you enjoy this pig’s ear, and I hope the animal ear you no doubt scarfed down shortly after the video was over enjoyed watching your glorious dog dancing. Fantastic.

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