VIDEO: Baby Checks Behind Mirror For Second Baby

Hey! Mirror... leave that baby alone!

Hey folks! Do you want to watch a baby try to figure out what a mirror is in real time? I bet you do, you anthropologist of humanity, you! Well, feast your eyes on this grand discovery of humanity! Gaze upon this possible connection to man’s unconscious and purest self! That’s right my friends, watch… as a toddler sees its mirror reflection for the very first time!

Witness in awe as the baby first… approaches the concept of this magic, this reflective pure glass, with a hint of skepticism. Uhhh… a sheet of glass that shows back to me my little baby face. Okay, yeah right, let’s find the baby hiding behind the gla– HUBUWHAA!

Then gaze as he gives this little stinker a try. The guy in the glass crouches when he crouches, kneels when he kneels. Okay. Okay. Don’t freak out. Okay. Wait what is this?! Is the baby in another dimension!? I can trick him yet, thinks the baby. It’s so cute, and reminds us of that scene in Duck Soup where Harpo and Groucho crouch over the mirror. What’s that? Our key demographic knows Logan Paul much better than they know Groucho Marx? Well, check this out and just tell me it doesn’t remind you of that baby!

In any case, it’s sweet the baby made a weird new friend, even if it doesn’t totally understand that it’s his reflection. But that’s okay, we have to be our own best friends! No one else will emotionally fulfill us the way we fulfill ourselves!

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