VIDEO: Barber Plays Incredibly Bloody Prank on Kid

Ah, the eternal conflict between barber and kid, scissors and ear, blood and not blood...

Barber Jude Sannicandro, suffered the embarrassment of being on the receiving end of a prank played on him by a young boy named Vito, a few months ago. However, Jude wasn’t going to let the rascal get away with it, and planned his own, very harsh, payback prank. Jesus, dude. He was just a kid. Didn’t have to get all ‘that barber who threw another guy through a plate glass window’ on him! Still the video is INCREDIBLE. Check it out.

Remember when you were younger, and your mum had to drag you to the hairdressers or barbers to get your hair cut and you began having the sheer worry of all your hair being chopped off, and even worse, them accidentally cutting off your ear? Well, for little Vito, the latter was not just a rational fear, but a reality…kind of.

A few months ago, the young boy, named Vito, played a prank on his favorite barber, Jude Sannicandro, by placing a cockroach on the counter hoping for Sannicandro to fall for the prank and freak out. Of course, the prank was a success. Yet… the barber wasn’t going to let him get away without getting his revenge. Vito came in with his mom for his monthly haircut, and Jude prepped the boy by warning him that the razor he was using was pretty sharp, so he should be extra careful and not move.

However, Jude had a trick up his sleeve, well, fake blood and a fake ear, but still, part of the trick. He started cutting the boys hair and suddenly yelled “oh s**t” and held the boy’s head very tightly. Vito asked the barber with a very scared look on his face “Am I bleeding?” before mentioning that his ear is hurting a little bit.

Whilst the prank was a bit harsh and unfair, I think it was funny, as Vito began freaking out and yelling for his mom in the most worried tone of voice. But then the magic came, and Jude began pouring the fake blood down the boy’s face, giving the illusion that he had accidentally cut the boy’s ear off. The best part of the prank was when Sannicandro dropped the blood-covered fake ear to the floor, and you see Vito’s face turn from worried, to as pale as a ghost with fear.

Fortunately for Vito, the prank and panic came to an end when his mother walked in and couldn’t keep a straight face, ultimately causing Jude to break out in a fit of laughter. Although the boy took the prank very well and kept his cool afterwards, you could definitely see that he was not happy about the prank and will definitely be plotting something much worse for when he next visits his favorite barber.

Do you think Jude’s prank was a little too harsh? Do you reckon Vito took the prank very well? What’s the worst prank you’ve ever pulled on someone? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.