VIDEO: Bear Rings Doorbell!

Grizzly ding dong!

I know what you people want. I know what you monsters desire.You people demand videos of animals being silly. “More silly animals, I beg of you!”, you cry. Well, my friends, we have brought you the beast, the creature who will entertain you so. We speak of course of the mighty bear. Witness as the bear walks up to the door and sniffs around until finally ringing a doorbell. As if the bear knows that this is how you appeal to the homes of the humans who have all the food he deeply wants. Because folks? This bear is polite.

How polite is the bear though? Well, when the bear is asked to leave from the mic from the door, the bear just walks and saunters away. And the owners? Well, downright rude. They go “Bear. Leave. Bear! Leave!” And he leaves. I mean, is that anyway to treat a guest? I ask you.

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